About Us

About us

"LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an Electronic Component also known as Computer Chip. LED is a revolutionary Light developed by Scientist and used by Smart People all over the world."

LED4INDIA is formed to develop and distribute LED based Products Specially for India, as INDIA is facing the Power Problems, it will help to reduce the burden of lighting Power Consumption by 50-80% if, used in replacement of Incendence Lights.

E-Mac Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd . A Mumbai based IT & Electronic Company. We are a Team of IT and Electronic engineers having more than 15 years experience in the field of computers and Electronics.

The world is rapidly becoming more intelligent, more instrumented and more interconnected. It's becoming smarter. To accommodate this fundamental change, your infrastructure must become more dynamic.

Our Speciality:

LED Bulbs, LED Tube Light, LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED High Bay Light, All Types of LED based Industrial Lighting Solutions, LED Flame Proof Lights, Bulk Head, Cleanroom Fitting, Pharma and Chemical Factory Lights, LED based Latters, Running Latters, RGB Sign latters and Glowsign Board Lights, LED Panel Lights, Corporate Ceiling Grid Lights 2ft by 2ft, Hanging Panel Light.

About LED

1. Life.

An LED bulb works on average 50,000 hours. A normal light bulb works an average of 1,000 hours, an energy saving approximately 6,000 hours.The decline slightly over the period is less than 10%. With an average use of 4 hours per day he goes along 35 years.

2. Quality.
LEDs are insensitive to vibration. In contrast to discharge requires an LED lamp to warm up. LED lights are less sensitive to on-off switches. 

3. Energy.
The LED lamp uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb and roughly half less than a CFL.

4. No UV radiation.
The LED bulb emits no UV radiation. As is known, UV radiation is unhealthy and undesirable products may fade.

5. No IR radiation.
The LED bulb is not no IR radiation. Prolonged IR radiation is also unhealthy for humans.

6. No heat.
The LED bulb is virtually no heat. This means that often also a saving on air conditioning costs can be realized.

7. Reduced labor for replacement.
Through the 50,000 hours LED bulb need to 8x so little to be replaced. This means a considerable savings on labor costs. In some cases they are quite high due to labor hard to reach places such as theaters, factories, gymnasiums, street lighting, tunnel lighting, bridge lighting, amusement rides etc.

8. Savings CO2 and sulfur.
Because of the favorable energy of the LED lamp is a saving in CO2 emissions achieved. Also in the production of LED lamps do not require sulfur. This also creates a considerable savings over the CFL.

9. 99% recyclable.

The LED lamp has a few components that wear out. The possibility exists that only the worn components replaced. This makes the LED bulb is almost entirely recyclable.

10. Easy fitting enough.
The LED light requires no ballast. The light is directly on the 110 ~ 220 volt mains and high voltage switches back to low voltage independently without aids. This is all expensive gear in conventional lighting obsolete. When new construction is a simple fixture with an LED lamp is not more expensive than a conventional lamp with a fluorescent lamp. Also, this additional installation costs can be reduced by, for example less (big) power required by the lower energy demand.


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